Thursday, April 7, 2011

Delayed posts; have been BUSY!

I have been stupid busy the past week or so. Nothing important is posted here, so I will leave you with this until I get the energy up to post a blog about my aspiration for the WSOP this year. Talkin' bout some LIVE PLAY BABY!

I don't intend for this blog to be political at all, because that is not what it's about. But as an American, I would like to share this with my fellow Americans.

This painting speaks words about the socialist fiend that is our president. In times of trouble, the naive and fearful are always drawn to the charismatic radical.


  1. Neat picture! Its very well done and proves an excellent point.

    Bush stepped on the constitution way more the Obama... :P

    Have a great day and be safe!!



  2. im noticing a lot of people are busy lately. good to see you are back

  3. really is sad government we have now a days. My dad has been attending a constitution study class, i went this past week. He really disregards the words within and twists it for his own use. All politicians can be guilty of this, and most are, but this liberal government is getting a little ludicrous.

  4. This is a grat image. Seriously, the government in the US is just disgusting and disruptive. Followed and supporting.

  5. Great image, I wouldn't agree whole-heartedly, but there are elements there that are undoubtedly true.